aol mail supportAOL is a multinational company that deals with various online services and web portal providers. Online service provider means services that require the internet to work like; a search engine, an online bank site, social media, a government official site, etc. The first online service provided by AOL was PlayNET, and its licensed software was Q-link. Q-link went online in 1985. After this, AOL started growing in its field very rapidly and became the largest online service provider in the US. At that time, AOL was displacing their competitor like CompuServe and The Source by enough margin. AOL was the first online service provider in the US to provide dial-up service and instant messaging to all users of the US. In 1993 it also started adding internet service to the user. By 1995, AOL was established its market in the US; it had approx. Three million users in 1995. This guide helps you learn about AOL’s history and the condition of AOL today’s market. We have also provided the solution to some AOL mail problems like; how to create an AOL account, how to login to AOL account, how to recover AOL password, what is AOL server settings, and what to do when AOL mail servers down, how to change AOL password, how you can recover your AOL password, etc. Suppose you will face any problem while using AOL; you are free to contact the number showing on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will surely provide the best AOL mail help.

However, AOL began as a CVC (Control Video Corporation) by William von Meister, but this startup was only for a short time. Again in 1985, Jim Kimsey founded another online service provider company, Quantum Computer Service, from the remains of CVC. This new venture is growing and making their feature better for their user. And 2006, its name was officially changed to AOL, and in 2015 AOL was by Verizon communication.

How anyone can create AOL account instantly >> AOL email sign up help

AOL mail services are better than any service last time. Suppose you want to use the AOL service and also want to know about some exciting working processes on AOL email. Now, you are curious about creating an AOL email account. The AOL email signup process is straightforward; anyone can quickly learn and perform it. This section will discuss some easy steps to create AOL account. Follow these steps carefully:-aol email sign up

  • Open the browser on your device, and enter in the search box for sign up on AOL mail. You will see the join option on the top-right of the page; click on it
  • Next, you can see the login tab; under this, you will see “create an account”
  • Now, enter the correct information and also choose the domain as your wish
  • You must enter the correct phone number for the account verification
  • After all the process is done, then you have to verify that you are not a robot
  • Next enter the OTP that is send to your number for your phone number verification
  • Now your account is finally sign up AOL mail, and you can use the services of AOL
  • These are the simple procedure to create AOL account

How to carry out AOL email account sign in >> AOL sign in help

Next, the process login to AOL account is left-over. Log in AOL email is discussed below in simple steps; anyone can get help from these paragraphs. You can quickly login to AOL email account from these steps:-

  • Just like before, you must open the official page from the link
  • You will see the “login/join” on the top of the page click on it
  • Now enter the correct credentials for login AOL account
  • Click on the “login” tab for further process
  • Now you are successfully log in AOL email

AOL official customer support number >> AOL customer service

AOL was one of the initial internet service providers in the 1990s. AOL provides many services like; a dial-up service, instant messaging, internet access, etc. After this, it became the most famous and recognized brand in the US. Then in 1998, AOL was at its peak popularity of all time and did some mergers; it purchased Netscape for 4.2 billion dollars, then acquired Time Warner in 2001. After this merger, everyone in the US thought AOL would spread its market in various fields, but the deal worked opposite on AOL and it shrunk. One of the popular reasons behind this decline is the rise in broadband. In this guide, we have discussed every information and the AOL mail problems like; how can I recover my AOL account? How do I log into my AOL email? How to change AOL password on iPhone? AOL mail login problems, etc., and their appropriate solution. If you have any problem with AOL mail service, you can contact the number on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. If you want to get on AOL’s official customer service, then call on the numbers provided here. Make sure that these official customer services are correct, because sometimes these numbers are changed by customer service

AOL customer service number 1-800-827-6364
AOL support number for Spanish 1-866-885-5117
AOL support number for deaf users 1-800-759-3323
AOL live support customer service number 1-866-265-8990
AOL live customer support
AOL live chat service

How to resolve AOL problems >> AOL issues help

While using the online services from any service provider, we may face common problems like; how to recover an AOL account? What to do when AOL mail server down? How to change AOL password on iPhone? What are the AOL server settings? Etc. These problems are very common and easy to tackle. You can solve these AOL problems with this article. This section will discuss the AOL mail issues and their solution in a short and easy step. So you can learn in a short period.

How to recover AOL account >> AOL mail recovery help

When we start using the AOL mail service, sometimes our account may be compromised. And we don’t even know how to recognize it. In this section, we will give detailed information about the recognition, then what are immediate actions, and at last, safety precautions. So follow the given steps and know AOL mail recovery:-aol problems

  • First, check your account; the sign is given below
  • If you are not receiving any emails
  • Sometimes AOL mail starts some spam messages to your contacts
  • Your account information or some mail settings may be changed anonymously
  • Your account may log in from some unknown location
  • Sometimes, your account is full of spam mail notice
  • Some of the contacts can be erased, or some unknown contact may be added
  • Review some other parts in your AOL mail settings
  • Email filter, Blocked messages, and Email signature; make sure these are not tempered
  • The above three are the most important parts of AOL mail settings
  • If you find that your AOL account is compromised, then follow the immediate action
  • Change AOL password (for the steps, scroll down the guide)
  • Reset your AOL mail settings, if they were changed
  • Make sure that your antivirus is working correctly and updated
  • Enable 2-step verification for extra safety
  • By following these steps, you can solve AOL mail problems without any AOL mail help

What to do when AOL mail servers are down >> AOL mail server settings help

If AOL mail server is down and you have been facing this issue for a long time. Then you have to install a third-party application so that you don’t get any AOL mail issues. This will resolve your AOL mail settings problems. For the third-party application, there are two different protocols. Like; as IMAP and SMTP. AOL IMAP server (Internet Message Access Protocol) is used to sync the incoming messages to the third-party application. Whatever we do online on our account automatically happens in our history. Another protocol is SMTP; it is used for outgoing mail. AOL SMTP settings are used to protect the emails we have sent from one AOL email to another.

aol mail server settings

AOL IMAP settings:-

AOL IMAP server is used to protect the incoming mails. If you want AOL IMAP server, we have to verify the account details like; username with domain, and password. For this process, you must follow the steps:-

  • Go to settings of AOL mail and open the open IMAP settings for AOL
  • Then select the incoming mail server as “” with the port number 993
  • Always remember to choose SSL as IMAP setting for AOL

AOL SMTP setting:-

AOL SMTP server is responsible for the outgoing mails to the primary AOL mail server so that we don’t have to face the AOL mail server down the issue. We must update the AOL mail settings for applying the AOL SMTP settings. For this, follow the given steps:-

  • Open the settings of AOL mail and click on AOL SMTP server setting
  • Now, this is used for outgoing mail servers, so select “,” and the port number is 465
  • Remember all these protocols work on SSL for AOL SMTP settings

How to change AOL password on iPhone >> Help to reset AOL password.

how to change aol password

Whenever we want to change AOL password, we have to follow the process. In this below section, we will discuss the simple procedure of reset the AOL password. These steps also apply when you want to change AOL password on iPhone. Sometimes, people get confused between how I change my AOL password and changing AOL password on my iPhone. So here, we will clear this confusion. Follow the given steps carefully:-

  • Try to log in AOL account, of which you want to reset aol password
  • Next, open the account information from the menu
  • Now choose the “account security” menu from the list
  • You can use the “Go to the Account security page” for direct process
  • When you scroll down the page, you can see the password menu; there is a “change password” option
  • After clicking on it, please enter the new password and try to make it strong
  • Then choose to continue saving the password
  • These steps are also applicable for changing AOL password on iPhone without any AOL mail issues

How to resolve when AOL email not working on iPhone >> AOL mail down on iPhone help

We used the AOL email app for a long time on iOS without changing the password. So sometimes we have to face some AOL mail problems like; AOL mail down on iPhone or AOL email not working on iPhone etc. To resolve these AOL mail issues, we have to follow the steps given below:-

  • As I mentioned above, first of all, you have to change the password of your AOL email
  • Make sure that your iOS software is updated; it will resolve most of the issues
  • Restart your iPhone; it may have some settings issues
  • Also, try to restart the AOL mail application
  • Try to clear the cache files of the application
  • At last, uninstall the application and install it againaol mail problems
  • These steps will solve your AOL email not working on iPhone problem

How to resolve AOL mail login problems >> Fix AOL mail problems

After clearing all the AOL problems, we get a unique problem like; AOL mail login problems. We have already told you all the precautions for other issues and their solution. But AOL mail problems create some significant cases for the user. Here in this section, we will discuss the AOL mail login problems and their resolution. Follow the given steps carefully:-

  • First, try to sign out and then AOL sign in; this will work in most the cases
  • Reset your browser to default; it is the most appropriate step
  • If you are getting an “invalid password,” then change it immediately
  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of the browser
  • Clear the cookies and cache files of your browser so that it can browse fast
  • If the JavaScript is disabled, go to the browser setting and enable it
  • If you have any third-party antivirus software, then disable the firewall setting
  • These steps will solve AOL mail login problems

AOL Support by us

aol mail help

AOL was started as a startup, but in a short time, it was closed due to financial crisis and debt. But again, the company was established by the new founder named Quantum. This new company had also started the same work, but the marketing and financial management differed. And this new venture became famous quickly, and in 1988 began working with APPLE and Macintosh. But in 1989, when Quantum parted from Apple, this company also changed its service name to America Online. In 1995, AOL acquired a search engine named WebCrawler and then sold it to Excite in the same year, but then in 1997, AOL launched its search engine called NetFind, which was renamed AOL search in 1999. After, AOL started acquiring famous companies for the betterment; it acquired Netscape in 1998, MapQuest in 1999, Times Warner in 2001, etc. This guide has provided all the information about AOL mail and its uses. We have also discussed some AOL mail problems like; changing AOL password on iPhone, AOL mail login problems, AOL mail server settings, recovering AOL mail account, AOL mail login help, etc., and their satisfactory solution. Suppose you get any problem while using the AOL mail, you are free to contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will listen to your problem and suggest the best solution for you.