carbonite supportCarbonite is an online storage system that was founded in the United States. It was founded in 2005 by David Friend and Jeff Flowers. The idea was to provide cloud storage to Mac OS and Windows. Carbonite offers services like Carbonite homes, home offices, and families at the domestic level; and Carbonite Business. Carbonite was the first company to provide unlimited cloud storage at a specific price. This decision of Carbonite caused a change in the cloud storage industry as unlimited cloud storage was unknown at that time. Soon, other companies also bought this feature to cope up with the competition. In 2019, Carbonite was acquired by Open Text, which was a Canadian Software Company. Open Text specializes in email, documents, music, and photo backup.

Carbonite was known as the Best Window backup tool by many platforms. We have offered Carbonite support in this article, where we have covered Carbonite issues. You can refer to this article if you want any help regarding Carbonite. If you are still stuck somewhere or are having trouble performing these steps, you can call on the numbers provided here. You will be connected to an independent third-party service provider, and they will listen to all your Carbonite issues and will try to solve your problems.

How to proceed with Carbonite log in >> Carbonite log in help

Here we will make you understand carbonite login. First, you need to create an account on Carbonite before proceeding with the carbonite sign-in. Follow these steps for login.

  • Go to browser and enter www carbonite com login
  • Or simply tap on the following link for carbonite login carbonite login
  • Here you can select carbonite plans or just proceed with the free trial for now
  • In this step, you have to fill in the login credentials that you have saved during the carbonite sign-up procedure
  • Enter your email address and password; while entering the password, you need to make sure that the caps key is off
  • Enter the Captcha to make sure that “you are not a robot.”
  • Tap on submit; you can even save your account credentials by tapping on “Save.”

Once you have correctly put all the details, you have successfully done the www carbonite com login.

How to download and install Carbonite? Carbonite download help

The download carbonite process is pretty simple. Once you install Carbonite on your system, you can access the carbonite features and safely store your essential documents and files. The process is slightly different due to different interfaces.

Carbonite download for Windows

Let us understand the process through these easy steps-

  • Visit the official page of Carbonite and put in the login details
  • carbonite downloadAnswer the security questions and complete the verification process
  • Choose a plan or just proceed with the free cloud storage
  • The download page will appear
  • Tap on download
  • carbonite download will be completed
  • Once the download has been completed
  • Go to the downloads
  • Tap on the downloaded file
  • Click on “Run as administrator.”
  • Accept the “terms and conditions.”
  • Now, tap on install

Install Carbonite has been completed

How to download Carbonite on Mac OS?

Follow these easy steps to download Carbonite and install Carbonite-

  • Visit the official carbonite page
  • The login option will appear
  • Proceed with carbonite login as we have discussed earlier
  • Tap on the menu from the top
  • Once you tap on the menu, you can see a download popup
  • Tap on that for Carbonite download
  • You will be able to choose Carbonite backup plan according to your need; in the beginning, you can choose the free trial
  • After the Carbonite has been downloaded, you need to install Carbonite
  • Go to downloads search for carbonite.dmg or similar file
  • install carboniteDrag it to the application folder, and Carbonite will be installed

How to download and install Carbonite on android

Download Carbonite is very simple on android devices. You just need to follow these easy steps-

  • Go to the Play store
  • Enter download Carbonite
  • Search for carbonite icon
  • Tap on the carbonite icon
  • Hit on install

Carbonite download and installation will be automatically completed.

Carbonite Official Support Number

In this section, we provide you Carbonite official numbers in case you are searching for carbonite help. Although we have provided you with carbonite help in this article. If you are confused, you can refer to the article; if you still want the customer service number, you can take the numbers from here. But here, we want to make a disclaimer that we have searched these numbers from the online sources available and verified them on our behalf. If these numbers change on the manufacturer’s behalf, then we are not responsible for the same. Kindly verify on your hand before proceeding.carbonite phone number customer service +1(85)227-2249
Carbonite help number 877-665-4466
Carbonite support email endpointsupport@

Carbonite contact number UK +44 333 1234 200

How to unsubscribe Carbonite plans? Carbonite help

Suppose you are searching to Unsubscribe Carbonite plans due to automatic renewal. You can easily unsubscribe the Carbonite plans by following these easy steps.

 Visit the official Carbonite website or use the application

  • Sign in to the carbonite account
  • Tap on the subscription information from the account
  • Click on “Auto-renew”
  • Select “Auto-renew off”
  • This will turn off the automatic renewal of the accountcarbonite plans
  • In order to disable the automatic renewal tip on “disable auto-renewal.”

Now, if you want to enable these settings again, you must log in. Search for automatic renewal and turn it on from here.

How to Uninstall Carbonite? Uninstalling Carbonite through add or remove program

The process of uninstalling Carbonite is pretty simple and usually known by the consumers. No need to worry if you don’t know the procedure. Follow the simple steps –

  • Exit the carbonite online device backup
  • Go to Start and search for the control panel
  • Search for “add or remove program” and click on it
  • Select the “Carbonite online device backup” option

Tap on the remove, and the uninstallation process will be completed.

Carbonite Support from Us

carbonite customer serviceCarbonite has grown enormously in the online storage industry since 2005. Carbonite provides different backup plans for domestic and industrial levels. Carbonite has been awarded as the best windows backup tool by many platforms. Carbonite was acquired by One Text in 2019. It is also available on various platforms such as Mac, Windows, and even android. If you want assistance in any of the Carbonite issues, you can refer to this article, or else you can call on the number on your computer screen for Carbonite help. You will be connected to an independent third-party service provider executive. They will listen to you and try to solve your problems related to Carbonite sign in, carbonite download, install carbonite, or carbonite issues