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idrive supportIdrive Inc. is a software company that specially deals with data backup. Idrive is a cloud storage company that is used by users to store their data. Anyone can save their data on Idrive so that no one can get it without their permission and secure their data from theft. Idrive is available on every platform like; Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux. The Pro Softnet Corporation founded Idrive in 1995. Initially, Ibackup was the product of the Pro Softnet Corporation, but in the mid of 2003, Ibackup acquired the domain After the acquisition, Idrive became so famous for its features and services that why Idrive is recommended by many blogs, media, magazines, and software companies like Lifehacker, Macworld, PC World, CNET, Tech Crunch, etc.

Idrive have various type of features, but sometime when you start using Idrive, you may face some issues like; how to use Idrive, Idrive backup problems, help for Idrive update, how to uninstall Idrive, Idrive sync not working, etc. These are basic problems when we start using Idrive regularly. So read this full article to solve your problem in just a few steps. Suppose you are confused at any stage or get another problem. For this type of situation, you can get Idrive support from an independent third-party executive by calling on the number showing on your screen. They will listen to you and provide the best solution for your every problem.

Idrive has features where you can store 5 GB of free storage for the Basic plan. These plans are changed according to user requirements and subscriptions. Idrive uses 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption System) encryption for the safety of data while uploading and downloading. Idrive also has a facility where you can check your activity report, backup status, etc.

How to install Idrive >> Idrive installation guide

idrive installation

First, we have to download the Idrive setup file; then, we can do the further process of Idrive installation. Follow the given steps in this section for the Idrive installation. If you carefully follow these steps, you don’t need any Idrive support from anyone.

  • Open your browser and search and open the official page of Idrive
  • Please scroll down to the page; you will see the option download there; click on it
  • You can easily redirect to the download page by clicking on this link
  • Now, you can see there are many options for download like; download for windows, Mac, Linux/Unix users and also for Android and Apple users
  • You can download the setup for Idrive installation by clicking on the link

How to solve the Idrive software update  >> Idrive update help

Idrive always try to give its best to their user, so Idrive update its software at regular interval of time. But sometimes we may face some problems while Idrive software update. For your ease, we have provided some steps here to give you Idrive help for the Idrive update. Follow these steps carefully:-

  • For Idrive update on Android and iOS, you can easily update from their store
  • To update Idrive on Windows, you will automatically get a pop-up of update when you open the application
  • You can easily use that pop-up for Idrive update
  • The above steps are the same for Mac and Linux users for Idrive update

Official Idrive Customer Service >> Official Idrive Contact Number

Idrive is an online backup company that is used for various purposes. Idrive also offers various plans to its users. It has an Idrive download folder for every type of file in the dashboard or Idrive application. Idrive also provides a facility to access your files from anywhere by just using your login credentials. Sometimes by mistake, Idrive remove computer or another device. In that situation, you don’t have to panic. Use the login credentials in the dashboard of the Idrive online. In this guide, we have provided every information related to Idrive. Also discussed were the Idrive problems like; how to use Idrive, Idrive sync folder, Idrive sync not working, Idrive incremental backup, Idrive update, etc. Suppose you get any problem while using this guide; in that situation, you can call on the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will provide you with the best solution. If you want to communicate on official Idrive contact number, then we have already given below for your ease. Verify these numbers before connecting on official Idrive contact; sometimes, these official Idrive contact may be changed by an official of the company.idrive contact

Idrive customer support number 1-855-815-8706
Official Idrive support for UK 44 20 8106 2995
Official Idrive contact number worldwide 1 818 485 4333
Reseller of Idrive service number 1-855-410-2116 ext2

How to use Idrive on your device >> Idrive help

In this section, we discussed how to use Idrive on your device correctly and solved some basic problems we face while using Idrive. So, follow the given steps carefully to understand the working mechanism of Idrive.

How Idrive incremental backup work >> Solve Idrive backup problems guide

Idrive incremental backup, also known as the differential backup of your database. Follow the given steps by which you can easily perform Idrive incremental backup without any problems:-

  • Open the Idrive application on your device and sign in to your account
  • Now choose the server backup tab from the side menu bar
  • You will find the MS SQL Server section; if you don’t see it, then search for it
  • Click on the “backup” option for further process
  • Now you have to give relevant authentication for MS SQL Server authentication
  • Idrive provides two modes for authentication; choose one of them
  • Just remember that you have to enter the username and password for any option of authentication
  • Now select backup between “local backup + cloud backup,” or you can also choose “local backup”
  • You have to select the Idrive sync folder for backup
  • Next, you should click on “schedule now” to schedule the Idrive download folder for backup
  • Then click on “save changes”
  • At the time of schedule, your Idrive will automatically backup all the files

idrive helpWhat to do when Idrive sync not working >> Help for Idrive backup problems

A basic problem we face while using Idrive. It is Idrive sync not working. In this section, we will explain the solution in some easy steps. Follow these steps carefully:-

  • Open the Idrive on your device and sign in using the correct username and password
  • Open the Backup tab from the menu
  • Now you will see the backup file log; scroll down to the “change” button
  • Here you can add again the folder which is not synced yet
  • You can also remove any if you don’t want to sync it
  • Next, go back to the same page and change whatever you want
  • If it doesn’t fix your Idrive sync folder problems
  • Then open the task manager on your device
  • Go to the service option and restart the Idrive
  • If still your Idrive sync not working
  • Then, reinstall your Idrive
  • This will probably fix your Idrive backup problem
  • Now you easily do the Idrive sync folder whenever you want

How to uninstall Idrive >> Uninstall Idrive mac help

Sometimes we need to uninstall Idrive to fix Idrive backup problems, or to fix the Idrive sync folder. So, in this section, we will tell you the steps to uninstall the drive and also uninstall Idrive – Mac. Follow the steps carefully:-

Uninstall Idrive – mac

  • Go to the file option, open the finder, search for the application
  • Click on “,” then right-click on it
  • You will see the option “show package contents” and click on it
  • Next, click on navigate, then click on MacOS
  • You have Idrive Uninstaller option; double click on it
  • Choose to uninstall to proceed with the uninstallation process
  • Now you have to enter your admin username and password for further process
  • Click on “ok”
  • Now the process of uninstall Idrive mac is completely done

Uninstall Idrive – windows

  • Open the search windows bar, search for Idrive
  • You will see uninstall option on the right section
  • Click on uninstall for further process
  • You will automatically be redirected to the “program and features”
  • Chose “Idrive” and click on uninstall
  • Now click on ok for complete uninstall Idrive

Idrive Support by us

idrive update

Idrive is an online backup company which was started as Pro Softnet Corporation. Later in 2003, Pro Softnet was acquired the domain name from a defunct company known as I-Drive. Idrive can be used in various OS, and once you install Idrive, it will automatically back up your files according to user permissions. In this article, we have mentioned everything, from how to use Idrive to how to uninstall Idrive. Also mentioned the Idrive backup problems with a satisfying solution. Suppose you get any issues while using the methods of the guide or another Idrive backup problems. In that conditions, you can contact the number shown on the screen to connect with an independent third-party executive. They will offer the best and most satisfying solution for your quires.