apple icloud supportiCloud is an online cloud storage service offered by Apple Inc. It was launched on 12th October in 2011. iCloud offers storage in the form of photos, documents, music etc. iCloud can easily be downloaded and used on MacOS, iOS, And Windows. iCloud replaced the MobileMe service which was earlier used on Mac and iOS devices for syncing data. Apple has 11 data centres that support iCloud service. These data centres are owned and operated by the Apple itself and are located in US, China and Denmark, out of which 6 data centres are located in United states. Apple signed a deal with Google in 2016 to allow Apple to use Google platform for iCloud services.

In this guide we have provided you solutions related to problems faced while using iCloud such as iCloud email not working, how to recover iCloud password, how to turn off iCloud music library, and also guided you through iCloud setup, login iCloud email, etc. But if you are unable to execute any of the steps explained in this article then don’t worry you can just call on the number provided here. You will be connected to an independent third-party service provider. They will pick your call and answer to your queries.

How to download and install iCloud? >> iCloud Setup Help

Follow these simple steps for iCloud download and iCloud installation

  • Visit your browser and go to the official iCloud website
  • Download iCloud tapping on to the Download iCloud option
  • Download will start
  • Once the download is finished
  • Go to downloads and search for iCloud setup file
  • Tap and hold the file and drag it to the apps folder

This is how you downloads and install iCloud on your Mac and iOS deviceicloud setup

How to create iCloud account? create iCloud email account help

There is a slight difference in iOS and Mac OS therefore the interface and steps are also slightly different. Don’t worry as we have provided a solution for creating an iCloud email on for both the operating systems.

iCloud setting on iPhone

Once you have finished download go to settings on your iOS account

  • Go to iCloud
  • turn on iCloud Mail
  • Enter the details for iCloud setting on iPhone
  • Here, you have to follow some instructions on the screen for creating iCloud email account
  • As soon as the details are filled and the instructions are properly followed you have created iCloud email

How to set up iCloud email account problem is solved.

Creating an iCloud email account on MacBook

Simple and easy steps are provided here for creating an iCloud email-

  • On your Mac device go to Apple menu
  • Select system preferences and tap on Apple ID
  • Click on iCloud then choose “Mail”
  • Now, fill in the details asked and follow the instructions
  • Once you have filled in all the details correctly and submitted them
  • You have successfully created an iCloud account.

How to create an iCloud account query is resolved

How to log in to iCloud email >> Login iCloud email help

If you are searching for how to log in to iCloud mail then you can follow these easy steps offered by the independent third party.

  • Tap on login iCloud email
  • Enter your Apple ID
  • Once you have entered the Apple ID, you will be sent a six-digit code on your device
  • As soon as you enter the code you will be logged in to iCloud mail
  • you can also setup touch ID or face ID which can be used for iCloud login

Now, if you want iCloud login without verification code query then let us remind you that you cannot proceed with iCloud login without verification code if you have enabled 2 step verification otherwise you can do iCloud login without verification code with Apple ID and password.

iCloud official phone numbers

icloud support numberiCloud is used by about 850 million users according to a report of 2020. iCloud was founded in 2011 and it is based on Amazon web services and Microsoft Azure. In this section we offer you the iCloud numbers if you searching for it. You can refer to the article for iCloud support. If you are searching for apple iCloud support then you can call on the numbers provided here. We make sure these numbers are searched from the online sources available. If these numbers change in future, we are not responsible for the same. Therefore, we advise you to verify on your own behalf before proceeding.

Apple support number USA 1-800-275-2273
Apple support number Canada 1-800-263-3394
Apple office number USA 1-866-752-7753
Apple customer service number Australia (61) 1-300-321-4561
Apple technical number Australia (61) 1-300-365-0831
Apple number for accessibility support USA 1-877-204-3930
Apple number for accessibility support UK 0800 107 6285
Apple iPhone support (800) 694-7466
Apple developer support email [email protected]
Apple feedback email
Apple developer number 800-633-2152
Apple chat support
Apple online chat USA

How to turn off iCloud music library?? >> turn off iCloud music library help

How to turn off iCloud music library is a common question. With iCloud music library you can keep all your music in sync across the devices. In order to use iCloud music library, you need to have subscription for Apple music. But if you want to turn off iCloud music library then follow these steps-

How to turn iCloud music library off?

In this guide we will provide you solution for iCloud music library turn off without losing your music files. So, the first step will be saving your music somewhere so that it is not lost.

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Music
  • Hit on turn off sync library
  • If you have older version of iOS then it will show you turn off iCloud Music library

This is how to turn off iCloud music library on iPhone.icloud photo update

How to delete photos from iCloud?

If your iCloud storge is full you might want to delete some unwanted pictures. If you don’t know how to proceed then follow these

  • In iCloud select photos that you want to be deleted
  • Tap on the delete icon
  • Click on “Delete” option
  • If you delete any photos or videos they will remain in the “Recently deleted album” and will stay there for 30 days

You delete photos from iCloud in this simple way.

How to retrieve photos from iCloud?

If you decide to delete photos from iCloud then remember these photos will also get deleted from your device if you have synced or turned-on iCloud. But you are provided 30-day time where you can recover photos from iCloud. Therefore, if you are wondering how to retrieve photos from iCloud then follow these simple steps: –

How to get back photos from iCloud?

  • Click on the deleted photos or album
  • Tap on the photos you want to retrieve
  • Hit on ‘Recover’

This is how to recover photos from iCloud or how to restore photos from iCloud.

How to recover iCloud password? >> iCloud forgot my password

We store a lot of important data in iCloud.  What if we forgot my iCloud password? And don’t know how to recover iCloud password. Don’t worry we have provided you steps for how to recover iCloud password if you are searching for How to find iCloud password if forgotten? Have a look at these steps: –

  • Visit iCloud app or go to online official site
  • Click on your name
  • Tap on “Password and security”
  • Enter your Apple ID and Captcha
  • Click on continue
  • Verify your phone number and tap on continue
  • Follow some more onscreen instructions

Once you follow all the instructions properly you have found solution for How to recover iCloud password.

icloud password change

Need help for iCloud change my password? >> iCloud password change guide

You might want to change your password for security reasons. It is better to change password from time to time to keep your account safe from hackers. If you don’t know how to do iCloud password change follow these simple steps: –

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on “Password & Security”
  • Click on change password
  • Enter your Apple ID and password
  • Now, you can enter your new password for iCloud change my password query

Re-enter your password and click on change to reset iCloud password

iCloud password change help is provided.

iCloud email not working? >> iCloud backup not working help

There can be several reasons for iCloud backup not working. We will cater on to these issues first then try to solve them one by one. Let us begin to find solution for the iCloud email not working.

Make sure the sync is on: –

  • Go to settings in your Mac or iOS device
  • Select “Mail” then tap on preferences in Mail
  • Choose iCloud account
  • Check the status of your iCloud account from here
  • icloud backup not workingEnsure that it is showing status is online

Ensure you have access to internet connection

If you are not on a proper internet connectivity you will face iCloud emails not working issue.

  • For that make sure that your router or modem is on and all the cables are connected properly
  • Check for the cuts on any cable
  • Make sure all the lights are turned on in the modem
  • Check if the Wi-Fi is recharged or bill is paid
  • Now, turn off the modem for a minute then turn it on

This will solve is iCloud not working issue if it is a matter of iCloud backup not working if there is an internet issue.

Reduce iCloud storage

If the storage is full, you will face iCloud backup not working issue therefore either clean up iCloud storage by deleting the unwanted files or expand your storage by subscribing to iCloud plan.

iCloud email not working

If iCloud email not working then check if your browser is up to date. If the browser is outdated then update it first. Also try clearing the browsing data and cache. If you don’t know how to update browser then follow these-

  • Go to safari then choose preferences
  • Tap on Advance tab
  • Click on “Show develop menu in menu bar”
  • Now hit on Preferences
  • Select Develop menu
  • Choose Empty Caches

Next if the iCloud Mail not working then follow these steps: –

  • Go to Mail in your device and click on Preferences
  • Slide to the “Account” tab
  • Choose iCloud email
  • Select server settings
  • In the Outgoing Mail Server select iCloud
  • Ensure that it is turned on the status is online

This will solve iCloud email not working.

iCloud Support from Us

apple icloud customer serviceiCloud is used and liked by millions of people in the world. No doubt consumer trust Apple and its products and services. In this article we have delivered solutions to iCloud issues like iCloud setup, how to login iCloud email, how to turn off iCloud music library, how to retrieve photos from iCloud, iCloud email not working and more. Therefore, if you are searching for any of these queries then you can refer to the article otherwise you can call on the number provided if you need voice assistance. You will be connected to an independent third-party service provider executive to solve all your iCloud issues.