arlo supportArlo Security Cameras are high quality wireless cameras that help capture the actions around your place in your absence. It is a best security tool which can be connected to your mobile phone via Arlo mobile app. Arlo Security Camera has in built artificial intelligence that recognises the difference between different sounds via Human Detecting Technology. Therefore the data provided by Arlo camera is relevant and correct. Arlo is an American Company which has shipped about 21 million devices and has more than 8, 70,000 paid accounts as of 2022. Arlo started in 2014 under “Netgear” later Arlo was independent company from Netgear in 2018.

You are provided Arlo help here in this article. You can find solution related to Arlo app download, Arlo base station setup, Arlo login problem, Arlo doorbell installation and Arlo not working issues. This article is enough for all Arlo issues but if you are still stuck somewhere then you can call on the number provided to connect yourself to an independent third party service provider. They will pick up the call and answer to your queries.

How to download Arlo app? >> Arlo app download help

Arlo can be downloaded with these easy steps. There is a slight change in different interfaces therefore we are providing you Arlo app download help separately in different interfaces.

Follow these steps for Arlo app download-

For androidarlo app download

  • Go to Playstore
  • Search “Arlo Camera app”
  • Tap on “Install”

Arlo app download is completed

For Mac

  • Go to apple store
  • Search “Download Arlo Camera”
  • Tap on download
  • Go to downloads
  • Drag the downloaded file to the apps folder

This completes Arlo app download in Mac

How to proceed with Arlo login? >> Arlo login help

For Arlo sign in either you can sign in from the app or you can do it online

  • For online Arlo sign in click on this link
  • Enter your email address
  • Now, put in your password correctly
  • Ensuring that the caps lock is off
  • Click on Log in

Arlo login will be done

arlo login

How to set up Arlo Camera >> Arlo camera system setup

You can follow these steps for Arlo Camera Setup. These steps can also be followed for Arlo Pro 3 installation and Arlo Pro 2 setup.

Follow these steps for Arlo Camera Setup

  1. Download Arlo app
  2. Open Arlo application in your device
  3. Tap on “Add new device”
  4. You will be able to see Cameras option click on it
  5. Select the model or type of camera among pro or ultra
  6. Choose among Arlo base station and Arlo Smart hub
  7. Tap on “Continue”
  8. Arlo base station setup has been completed
  9. Now, give your device a name
  10. Click on Continue
  11. Click on Finish after completion of the Arlo base station setup

This finishes your Arlo base set up, Arlo Pro 2 setup and Arlo Pro 3 installation and this is how to set up Arlo camera.

arlo camera system setup

How to add Arlo cameras? >> Arlo pro 4 setup

Arlo pro 4 has different Camera setup; therefore we have provided different steps for Arlo pro 4 installation process. Go through this guide for Arlo pro 4 installation.

  • Launch Arlo application
  • Proceed to Add new device
  • Click on the Camera
  • Select model type between pro and ultra
  • Now you need to write your Wi-Fi password and username
  • Put in the battery to the Arlo camera
  • Tap on Continue
  • Check for the blinking light in the camera and click on continue
  • You will be able to see a sync button on the Arlo camera press and hold that button for couple of seconds
  • QR code will appear on the camera screen
  • Name your Camera and tap on finish

Your Arlo pro 4 setup and Arlo pro 4 installation will be completed.

How to proceed with Arlo firmware update?

arlo firmware updateIf you are searching for manual Arlo firmware update then you can follow these simple steps.  While the Arlo firmware update is taking place you don’t have to worry about the workings of camera as it will be able to detect motion and sound in the selected mode and recording will continue.

  • Open Arlo secure app on your device
  • Go to settings and tap on My devices
  • Choose the camera model
  • Hit on Device info then select Firmware
  • Tap on update for Arlo firmware update
  • It is advisable not to remove camera battery while the Arlo Firmware Update is taking place
  • Wait for the process
  • Light will keep on blinking on the camera while the upload is taking place and while the firmware is installing the light will turn off for a couple of minutes. Do not close the camera or remove the battery during this time
  • Now camera will sync to the application and Arlo firmware update has been completed.

Arlo support official numbers

Arlo is an American Company that makes security cameras that are wireless. Arlo was initially run by Netgear which changed in the year 2018. Arlo became independent and is doing great in the field of wireless surveillance Cameras. Here, we have delivered you a guide on Arlo support. You can refer to this article for Arlo camera setup, Arlo download, Arlo firmware update and more. However, if you are searching for Arlo customer support so that you can contact Arlo support then you can call on the numbers provided in this section. We have provided these numbers from the available online sources. These numbers could change due to any discrepancies. We are not held responsible for that. It is recommended to verify these numbers or contacts before proceeding.arlo customer service

Arlo customer support chat
Arlo camera support 1 (408) 638 3750
Arlo technical support number Australia 1 800 549 680
Arlo support phone Canada 1 833 290 9488
Arlo phone support number for the UK 0800 970 3054
Contact Arlo support email [email protected]

What to do when Arlo App not working >> Arlo login problem

Is you are facing Arlo app not working issue due to certain reasons try this guide. Let us discuss about these factors that are causing Arlo App not working issue. These steps can also be used for Arlo login problem and Arlo troubleshooting.

  • First and foremost ensure that you are connected to a network. Unstable internet connection is a reason for Arlo not working issue.
  • Update Arlo application to fix certain bugs in the app
  • Reset your Arlo password
  • Logout and login again this might solve Arlo login problem
  • If you are login via browser then make sure your browser is compatible with Arlo app. Use an updated version of the browser. Try clearing out the cache and data.
  • Restart Arlo camera and set up again

These steps will solve Arlo connection issues or Arlo login problem. Arlo troubleshooting will be done if you follow these steps carefully.arlo app not working

How to sync Arlo camera? >> How to sync Arlo camera to base

  • Follow these steps if you are searching how to sync Arlo Camera?
  • You can easily find sync button on Arlo camera
  • Press it and hold for a couple of seconds till the LED light turns on
  • Once the blue light starts to blink on the camera open Arlo app
  • Proceed with Arlo login by entering the login details
  • Tap on Settings> My Devices
  • Select the camera name from the list setting up Arlo base station
  • Tap on Sync this device
  • Click on yes to continue

This completes the process of sync Arlo camera to base.

How to setup Arlo base station? >> Arlo base station setup help

  • Follow these steps for Arlo base station setup-
  • Login to Arlo app or login in the browser
  • Go to settings and click on My device
  • Tap on “Add new device”
  • Click on Base station/Hub
  • Tap on continue
  • For wireless Camera press and hold sync button for few seconds
  • This is how to setup Arlo base station and sync Arlo base station.

Arlo Support from Us

arlo customer supportArlo makes excellent surveillance cameras which has millions of consumers around the globe. It is an American company that was founded in 2014 and gained a lot of popularity and consumer base within a short span of time. Arlo has emerged as an individual company since 2018. Apart from Arlo camera Arlo also has Arlo doorbell. The doorbell has camera attached to it inst it interesting? To know about Arlo app download, Arlo login, Arlo firmware update, Arlo base station setup and Arlo troubleshooting you can take help from the article. Read the article to find solution for all the Arlo issues and you will be provided Arlo Help. However, if you are having trouble in execution of these steps, you can call on the number provided here. The independent third party executive will answer to your queries related to Arlo Camera.